Asics Fuji Trabuco Pro

Shoe Type Trail
Sex Men
Minimalist Index 48 %
Weight 268 g
Anatomical last No



From 225g to less than 275g

Heel Thickness


from 14 mm to less than 20 mm

Heel to Toe Drop


From 4mm to less than 7mm

Motion Control and Stability Technologies

  • Multi-density midsole: Typically, a different color is used to emphasize this feature.

  • Rigid heel counter.

  • Elevated medial insole under arch (left), compared with a flat insole (right).

  • Supportive tensioned medial upper. Material is used to reinforce medial upper in order to limit medial foot movement.

  • Medial flare. Medial tip of midsole extends beyond footbed.


Longitudinal Flexibility


Slight resistance to longitudinal bending (anterior tip of shoe sole reaches posterior tip of shoe sole in a maximal bending of 360 degrees)

Torsional Flexibility


Slight resistance to torsion (anterior part of the shoe is turned at least 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees; anterior outsole faces at least superiorly while posterior outsole faces inferiorly)


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