Parent, Be Good Role Models

Children who have active parents tend to be active themselves. The joys of living an active lifestyle are more likely to continue into adulthood when started at an early age. Even though it is not always easy to make time for physical activity with a busy adult schedule, do it for yourself and for your children!

Running programs

The Running Clinic offers several running programs for youth and children 5 years or younger. These programs are gradual, and children can monitor their progress by checking the success box beside each training exercise. You can pin them on your fridge and watch your child’s progress. *These programs are provided as examples only. We don't recommend being too structured with training for kids. You can use these as a reminder to simply go play outside!

Program 5 and under Program 5 and over

What about video games?

The amount of time spent in front of a television screen is directly linked to health problems like obesity. It also leaves less time for physical activity. Researchers are currently studying the potential benefits of video games that encourage children to move in front of their screens. Keep an eye out for the results.

Beyond running

For young children, having a variety of play and learning activities is better for developing fundamental movement skills. Early specialization and intensive sports training are often counter-productive. To foster a fun and enjoyable environment for children, why not add some variety (balls, jumping, running backwards, fun quizzes, etc) to their running routine?

Inspiring young runners!

This viral video shows eight-year-old Bailey Matthews, who suffers from cerebral palsy, crossing the finish line of a triathlon. A shining example of perseverance, he finishes the race without his walker. Be warned: this video might bring tears to your eyes!



This second video, another example of great perseverance, is proof that running is an accessible form of exercise. Everyone can run and have fun.