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Expert retailer

Specialized running shoe retailer that bases its practice on scientific knowledge and a tailored approach. This retailer is a reference in its field, has received advanced training from The Running Clinic and provides customized, evidence-based services.

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Minimalist vs Maximalist

Debates surrounding minimalist and maximalist running shoes are still raging among shoe consultants and salespeople. This section introduces the differences between minimalist and maximalist shoes and their impact on biomechanical components.

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Minimalist index

The level of minimalism of running shoes can be rated with a scale that considers five characteristics: stack height, drop, flexibility, weight and stability technologies. This rating is called the Minimalist Index (MI). For example, some FiveFinger models show MI scores close to 100%. In contrast, ultra-maximalist shoes, such as some Hoka models, have an MI closer to 0%.

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6 issues of the day !

An open and vigorous debate on the running shoe was held at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. The panelists were from all walks of life and high level of knowledge or experience. In this series of six videos, a panel of experts including exchange on the basis of the recommendations , minimalism and maximalism, the current footwear market and other controversial topics.

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