Trunk (core) strengthening exercises (basic): Getting stronger may help address pelvic and lower back problems. This program introduces some exercises that are more specific to runners.

Trunk strengthening exercises (basic)

Trunk (core) strengthening exercises (advanced): This advanced program introduces higher-level planking exercises.

Trunk strengthening exercices (advanced)

Knee Strengthening: knee problems such patellofemoral pain, iliotibial band syndrome and patellar tendinopathy are very common in long distance runners. Exercises aiming to strengthen and increase tissue tolerance around the knee, like the 'step down' exercise, can successfully treat such injuries, and even potentially help in preventing them.

Knee strengthening

Achilles Tendon Strengthening: Achilles tendon problems and shin splints are very common in middle-distance runners. One of the best ways to treat these injuries is to strengthen tendons with the "heel drop" exercise.

Leg-ankle strengthening

Strengthening Foot Muscles: intrinsic foot muscles can be strengthened in runners dealing with plantar fasciopathy, or those trying to wean off from orthotics.

Foot strengthening