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Training programs

Choose from one of our 17 programs designed by experts, ranging from post-injury rehabilitation to running a marathon. For everyone ages 3 to 99!

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Visit our YouTube channel

A ton of videos, including educational videos, reports of discussions about running and a few happy memories from our journey.

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Essential web sites

The websites in this section are all key players in the world of running. Whether it’s scientific content, footwear, training or magazines, these platforms are well-known references in their respective fields. But keep your eyes open: while there are many links, they are not all supported by science!

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Educational tools

The Running Clinic designed these tools to complement your training. The brief, illustrated downloadable files provide a visual of the strength and flexibility exercises and their progression. 

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Running shoes

There are so many technologies integrated in running shoes that making the right choice can become complex. The following section offers valuable tools to better understand running footwear based on current scientific evidence. From minimalist to maximalist, here's how footwear can influence injuries, biomechanics and performance!

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Tip of the week

In a few sentences , important reminders to avoid injury and news summaries of scientific advances. We will keep you !

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