Three good warm-up exercises for runners

These exercises are intended to prepare your body for the increased range of motion required during a faster run. Sorry, this video is only available in French at the moment – stay tuned for content in English!



It is recommended to perform static stretches after training, not before.

Stretching exercises

Warm-up and preparation to training

Here is an example of preparation to a speed training session by a top-level athlete. From the small jog to gradual accelerations, Genevieve Thibault demonstrates the ABCD drills (functional ballistic stretching) that are useful to prepare before any training involving speed or intensity. These movements are also a good way to strengthen your body. Note that the focus during the "black and white" segments of the video show things that are not necessarily recommended: excessive movement at the lumbar spine, excessive range of motion, side-to-side when running in a straight line, etc.


Warm-up sequence