Three strengthening exercises for runners


The three most efficient strengthening exercises to work on for runners are introduced in this section. These exercises are ideal for improving your running performance. Sorry, these videos are only available in French at the moment. Stay tuned for content in English!


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Trunk (core) strengthening exercises (basic)

Getting stronger may help address pelvic and lower back problems. This program introduces some exercises that are more specific to runners.


Strengthening exercises

Trunk (core) strengthening exercises (advanced)


This advanced program introduces higher-level planking exercises.




Strengthening exercises

Glutes/Hip exercises


Strength, endurance and control of the hip muscles are essential treatment components for knee injuries (for example, patellofemoral pain or kneecap pain, and iliotibial band syndrome).


Eccentric hamstring strengthening exercise


Here's a series of exercises for the treatment of proximal hamstring tendinopathy, also known as "buttocks pain". This running injury is characterized by a well localized pain just under the buttock fold.

These eccentric exercises should be done one after the other, from 20 to 40 repetitions each, in 2 distinct sessions per day. A progression of the difficulty is possible by increasing the load or the tension on the elastic.



Knee strengthening exercises  


The following knee problems are frequent in long-distance runners: patellofemoral pain, iliotibial band syndrome and patellar tendinopathy. Strengthening muscles and other structures around the knee can potentially help in preventing injuries. The step down exercise is a good exercise to start with.


The following exercises are best suited for the treatment of patellar tendinopathy (patellar tendinitis or tendinosis). A gradual increase in difficulty is also suggested to increase loading or to make the exercises more functional. These exercises are also suggested for the iliotibial band syndrome and patellofemoral pain, as well as for hip and lower back problems.


Strengthening exercises

Calf strengthening exercises


The following exercises are best suited for the treatment of Achilles’ tendinopathy (Achilles tendinitis or tendinosis). This eccentric exercise can be done twice a day, at a rate of three sets of 20 to 40 repetitions each. A gradual increase in difficulty is also suggested to increase tendon loading or make the exercises more functional. This exercise can also be performed to help with shin splints, peroneal or tibialis posterior tendinopathy and plantar fasciapathy (fasciitis). 

Strengthening exercises

Foot strengthening


This exercise strengthens intrinsic foot muscles (the small muscles that support the arch). They can also be used to treat plantar fasciopathy (also known as plantar fasciitis or plantar aponeurosis), to facilitate transition to more minimalist shoes or to wean off orthotics.


Strengthening exercises