The Secret: Balancing (Mechanical) Stress and Adaptation


Good news: your body will adapt itself, as long as the applied stress is less than your body’s capacity to adapt! Most injuries result from too much stress being applied to specific body parts (bone, cartilage, tendon, muscles, etc). Let your body adapt to the changes applied by allowing it time to strengthen. This video will explain how to quantify mechanical stress which can help prevent any potential injuries.


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The most simple, efficient and significant method of preventing injuries caused by overuse is to quantify and measure the application of mechanical stress to your body.  



Gradual progression is key

Every increase in physical training volume, intensity, difference in elevation or change in running surface should be phased in gradually. 




10 Tips for Runners

This document introduces ten essential tips in the prevention of running injuries

THE MSQ Levels of progression 10 Tips for Runners
Too late, I'm injured