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What is a running-related injury?


A Delphi Study among 26 international experts, including Jean-François Esculier and Blaise Dubois of The Running Clinic, reached an 80% consensus on a clear definition of running-related injury.


What does this mean for runners? Absolutely nothing. They will not have fewer injuries.


What does this mean for clinicians? Absolutely nothing. They will continue to treat injuries whether or not they meet this definition.


Researchers, however, will finally be using the same definition in clinical studies. Through a more precise definition, reports of injury incidence and prevalence, currently between 20% and 80%, will likely be a little more accurate. :)  In short, there will be less bias, more clarity and more accuracy in clinical trials. 



A Consensus Definition of Running- Related Injury in Recreational Runners: A Modified Delphi Approach (2015-Yamato et Al.)


A consensus definition of running-related injury was reached, with 80% of participants approving the following:


“Running- related (training or competition) musculoskeletal pain in the lower limbs that causes a restriction on or stoppage of running (distance, speed, duration, or training) for at least 7 days or 3 consecutive scheduled training sessions, or that requires the runner to consult a physician or other health professional.”