Sun and smiles at TRC Trail event!

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TRC’s 2014 Trail Running Event is raging success!

Last Saturday, June 7, was the second edition of TRC’s Trail Running Event. A spectacular happening organized by Horizon 5 Plein Air and TRC which stood out on several fronts. Here’s a recap of this perfect day.


A race for everyone

More than 2,000 runners, volunteers, exhibitors and supporters participated in the combo Trail-Kermesse-bénéfice Le Saisonnier. Three events (1 km, 5 km and 10 km), $12,000 in cash and attendance prizes, pumped volunteers who fired up the race course, 4 video cameras filming the race, thousands of pictures, an inspiring post-race conference, several public figures and tons of fun under a sunny day.


A colorful family event

On top of the 800 teenagers from Montagnac School who raced down the track last week, more than 400 kids took part in our 1 km race. The Saisonnier’s seasoned team of entertainers spruced up the morning of all children present with inflatable games, a climbing wall, a fermette, make up, ice cream from Chez Boub and a pass to the Galeries de La Capitale Mega Park.


An exceptional race course

Everybody loved the race course. Magnificent trails, wonderful scenery, lots of acceleration, a great balance between elevations and their degree of difficulty, various terrains, ideal for your first venture in trail running or to kick off the season.


Festive trail atmosphere

An enchanted forest awaited hundreds of energized runners and visitors set to meet retailers, companies, the organizers of the race as well as the sponsors who were all spread out in around 30 exhibition tents.


Festive event or provincial championships?

TRC’s Trail Running Event may well be the most competitive race across the province in 2014. The best trail, road and track runners gave it all they had in the 10 km trail running event. Nearly 40 athletes were introduced to the crowd of supporters as our video camera captured the presentation before taking off and putting on quite a show! It was a tight race for the podium, but in the end, Sarah Bergeron Larouche, Jessica Porfilio and Virginie O. Gauthier came in first, second and third in the women’s event and Jean-François Gosselin, David LePorho and Jean-Philippe Thibodeau earned their place on the podium in the men’s event. We should point out though that Joël Bourgeois was really fired up and leading the race by more than 15 seconds until he took a wrong turn and added a whole kilometer to his race. This could really have been a game changer otherwise.


For a good cause

TRC’s Trail Running Event has allowed raising a total of $XXX for Programme Tournesol, helping underprivileged kids attend summer day camp at the Saisonnier. TRC’s Trail Running Event has now become a must for every runner out there. Don’t miss next year’s event, scheduled for June 6, 2015 at the Saisonnier…


It will be bigger, more intense and even more fun! Follow us on the road to the 2015 edition of the event at