Running specialists to follow on Twitter – Part II

In the first part of this article, we talked about the importance of Twitter to share information related to sport sciences - including running injury prevention. We encourage all health care and sports professionals, or students in this field, to sign up and engage with the list of users that we have selected.

This week, we have additional professionals for you to follow, namely physiotherapists.


To find us :

The Running Clinic (@ClinicRunning)

La Clinique Du Coureur (@CliniqueCoureur)

La Clinica Del Corredor (@clinicacorredor)






Bret Contreras, PhDCompte certifié (@bretcontreras)

PhD, CSCS, personal trainer, lifter, blogger, researcher, speaker, author, inventor 


Brad Schoenfeld, PhD (@BradSchoenfeld)

Researcher/educator on muscle building and fat loss. Author: "The MAX Muscle Plan" & "Science and Development of Muscle Hypertrophy." 


Carl Paoli (@carlpaoli)

Coach, Author and Entrepreneur. 


Chris Beardsley (@SandCResearch)

Everything related to strength training research.


Dean Somerset (@deansomerset)

Exercise Physiologist & Kinesiologist, just fancy ways of saying I'm a meathead who lifts stuff. I make others lift stuff too. certified Dad-Bod Physique Coach.


Eric CresseyCompte certifié (@EricCressey)

President of @CresseySP, writer, consultant, and performance coach to over 100 pro baseball players. Free blog/newsletter at


Gray Cook (@graycookPT)

Physical therapist, lecturer and author: Rehabilitation and strength & conditioning, a foot in each profession 


Gregoire Millet (@GregoireMillet1) ‏

Professor #ISSUL #UNIL Lausanne. Ex-elite triathlete and coach. Chief Editor @Frontiers in #Exercise #Physiology. #Hypoxia #Altitude #HRV #fatigue


Inigo Mujika (@inigomujika)

Sports physiologist and triathlon and swimming coach.


Kelly Starrett (@mobilitywod)

Married to @mrsmobilitywod, Gom Jabbar, Dad of the Bear and Gstar, @reebok @marcpro 


Mick Hughes (@mickwhughes)

Physiotherapist at @MelbSportsMed. Keen interest in sports physio & the adolescent athlete. Sport lover of all sorts.


Mike Boyle (@BodybyBoyle)

Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning offers the most comprehensive performance training, reconditioning and personal training in the nation. 


Tony Gentilcore (@tonygentilcore1)

Tony lifts heavy things & tells people to do the same at CORE, his gym in Boston. He writes stuff, eats cheese, & practices his light saber skills. Like a boss. 






Bart Dingenen (@BartDingenen)

Sport physiotherapist - PhD - Sport injury prevention and rehabilitation - Hasselt University - Motion to Balance Rehab Training & Performance Center.


Christina Le (@yegphysio)

University of Alberta PhD student (knee/ACL injuries/QOL), physiotherapist.


Jackie Whittaker (@jwhittak_physio)

Assistant Professor & Clinican Scientist (PT) University of Alberta. Interested in preventing youth sport related injuries & chronic MSK disorders.


Scotty Butcher (@InkedProfScotty)

Exercise Physiologist/Physical Therapy Professor, Author, Research on Aging/Strength/CrossFit/HIIT. Co-Founder of @Strength_Rebels.






David Hunter (@ProfDavidHunter)

Osteoarthritis scientist and clinician. aka Joint Doctor. Tweets about joint health and treatment. Husband, dad and all round luckiest guy in the world!


Ewa Roos (@ewa_roos)

Professor of Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy. Focus on prevention and treatment of joint injury and osteoarthritis. Developer of the KOOS.



Osteoarthritis Research Society International.


Soren Skou (@STSkou)

Research physiotherapist focusing on surgical and non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis and implementation of research in clinical practice.






Sandy Hilton (@SandyHiltonPT)

Pelvic Rehab, Ortho & Chronic Pain. Reads, writes, teaches, has opinions & a cool private practice. Co-Host of Pain Science & Sensibility.


Sarah Haag (@SarahHaagPT)

Physical Therapist - pelvic issues, pain issues, functional issues - likes to discuss stuff over a good drink. Decided to become a runner. Loves yoga.






Anthony Teoli MScPT (@InfoPhysioPT)

Physiothérapeute. Étudiant au doctorat en sciences de la réadaptation - Université McGill. Président et Fondateur de InfoPhysiotherapy 






Alex Alvarez Navarro (@alex_tonus)

Fisioterapeuta / corredor. Interested in injury prevention & treatment. Docente en @clinicacorredor Colaboro con @AgenciaEbp Ejerzo en @tonustgn


Albert Carrère (@albertcarrere)

Fisioterapeuta. Interested on Prevention of running injuries. Running my clinic @AC_fisioterapia. Speaker at @clinicacorredor and @AgenciaEBP collaborator


Benoit Parot de Fontenay (@BenoitPdF)

Kinésithérapeute du sport et chercheur, PhD en sciences du sport.


Blaise Dubois (@blaisedubois)

Physio / expert en prévention et traitement des blessures en course à pied / running injury prevention and treatment expert / @CliniqueCoureur & @ClinicRunning


JF Esculier (@JFEsculier)

PT, PhD, Postdoc @UBC & Runner-Interested in injury prevention & treatment-The Running Clinic @ClinicRunning Chair Scientific Committee @spc2019


Kevin Maggs (@RunningReform)

Evidence based info on running injury management and prevention from Kevin Maggs D.C.


Flavio Bonnet (@FlavioBonnet)

PT, MSc., Cred. MDT. Founder of CKSP5, a specialized clinic in MSK & Sport in Paris and Co-Founder of the @Agence_EBP


Florence Morisseau (@florencemoriss1)

Experte en prévention et traitement des pathologies du coureur #expert2point0 #lacliniqueducoureur #mckenzie


Mickaël Préti (@MickaelPreti)

Digital Marketing Strategist in Health and Sports Industry | Ultra Runner | Travel Photographer & Storyteller - Montreal, Canada


Rémi Bergeron (@RemiBergeronPT)

Physiotherapist, Running Expert, speaker for The Running Clinic, VPO at ActionSportPhysio Down Town Montreal.


Simon Benoit (@SimonBenoit5)

Médecin, expert en prévention des blessures en course à pied


Thomas Lorblanchet (@lorblanchet)

Physiothérapeute | Ostéopathe | Ultra Runner | Expert en traitement et prévention des pathologies du coureur


Xavier Teychenné (@XTeychenne)

Papa, Kiné de campagne, CountrysideFrenchPT, ultra-traileur, SORunning #lacliniqueducoureur #therunningclinic

Blaise Dubois