Running specialists to follow on Twitter – Part I

The Running Clinic has been very active on social media ever since its inception; and we wanted to publish an article on one particular social media for the knowledge it disseminates.




Health care and sports professionals who attend our training courses contribute actively to the dissemination of information and the promotion of our organization on social media. With this in mind, we strongly encourage all professionals to post on Twitter. There is a wealth of specialized information and you can find most of our lecturers and team members.


Blaise Dubois, Company President: “I have learned a lot more using Twitter than I have while studying physical therapy in university.”


Although this may come as a surprise, this micro-blogging tool could turn out to be one of your best assets in the fields of science and physical activity. To that end, we have prepared a list of users you can follow - and with whom you can interact - to better engage with your peers in your respective areas of expertise.



To find us :

The Running Clinic (@ClinicRunning)

La Clinique Du Coureur (@CliniqueCoureur)

La Clinica Del Corredor (@clinicacorredor)







Brad Neal (@Brad_Neal_07)

Specialist MSK Physiotherapist & Head of Research @puresportsmed, PhD Candidate investigating PFP/Running @QMULWHRI, Devoted Husband & Father. @TEAM_PFP


Irene Davis (@IreneSDavis)

Director, Spaulding National Running Center. Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School @HarvardMed @SpauldingRehab


JF Esculier (@JFEsculier)

PT, PhD, Postdoc @UBC & Runner-Interested in injury prevention & treatment-The Running Clinic @ClinicRunning Chair Scientific Committee @spc2019


Kevin Maggs (@RunningReform)

Evidence based information on running injury management and prevention.


Rich Willy (@rwilly2003)

PhD, PT. University of Montana Physical Therapy, Missoula. Montana means running! tweets=mine.


Tom Goom (@tomgoom)

Runner, UK physio at @thephysiorooms & creator of RunningPhysio. Fixing runners 1 blog at a time! #RunningRepairs Course Lead. Recovering cheese addict.







Ben Cormack (@CorKinetic)

Cor-Kinetic run healthcare and fitness educational courses based on modern movement and pain science!


Bronnie Thompson (@adiemusfree)

Pain geek, baby PhD grad, passionate research into practice translator, photographer, partner, paradigm shifter.


David Poulter (@Retlouping)

Dislikes evidence based ostriches (An evidence-based ostrich ignores evidence against, whilst waiting for evidence to support).


Derek Griffin (@DerekGriffin86)

PhD (Pain), Specialist MSK Physiotherapist, Long Distance Runner.


Greg Lehman (@GregLehman)

Physiotherapist, chiropractor, MSc Spine Biomechanics, strength & conditioning specialist, running injuries.


Kieran O’Sullivan (@kieranosull)

Physiotherapist, Clinician, Lecturer, Researcher.


NOIgroup (@noigroup)

NOI is an active network for health performance, manual therapy, pain management and neurodynamics education.


Paincloud (@paincloud1)

Science and clinical practice united.


PainScienceEducation (@SanDiegoSummit)

The leading pain science education conference in U.S. help bridge the chasm between clinical practice & pain research.


Peter O’Sullivan (@PeteOSullivanPT)

Professor, Curtin University, Specialist PT.


Roger Kerry (@RogerKerry1)

University of Nottingham, UK. Physiotherapy; Philosophy.







Adam Meakins (@AdamMeakins)

A sports physio and strength and conditioning specialist. Passionate about simple honest advice. No fan of fads/gimmicks. Views often strong, and will eventually upset you!


Andy Franklyn-Miller @afranklynmiller ‏

Sports Medicine Physician and Clinic Director of @SSCSportsMed part of @SSCSantry. Assoc. Editor BJSM. Husband to Shannon & dad to Will,…


Benoy Matthew (function2fitnes)

ESP Physio, Tutor, Injection Therapist, Shockwave Specialist, NHS & Private. Evidence-based. Specialist Interest in Hip & Groin and Running Injuries.


Bill Vicenzino @Bill_Vicenzino

Professor in Sports Physiotherapy, Sports & Musculoskeletal Injuries Rehabilitation and Prevention for Health research unit (SIRPH)


Christian Barton (@DrChrisBarton)

Physiotherapist, specialising in musculoskeletal and sports. Passionate about research translation, knee, and running injury TREK.


Dr Izzy Moore @IzzyMoorePhD ‏

Programme Director MSc Sport & Exercise Medicine @cardiffmet | Understanding how movement relates to injury risk & performance | Wife


Jack Hickey (@JackHickey89)

PhD candidate with the QUT-ACU Hamstring Injury Research Group, accredited Exercise Physiologist & professional practice educator.


Kristian Thorborg (@KThorborg)

Sports Physiotherapist, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Special interest in hip, groin, hamstring and knee related injuries.


Michael Rathleff (@MichaelRathleff)

Associate professor & Senior researcher at the Research Unit for General Practice in Aalborg, Denmark. Head of the OptiYouth research group.


Mike Reinold @mikereinold

Award winning physical therapist, clinician, researcher, author, and consultant to @MLB players/teams, former @redsox Head Athletic Trainer, owner @championptp.



Rod Whiteley (@RodWhiteley)

Specialist Sports Physiotherapist at Aspetar Sports Medicine Hospital.


SportScienceSummary (@SportSciSum)

Sport science enthusiast. Summaries about performance, training & health research.


Tim Gabbett (@TimGabbett)

High Performance Consultant. Experience in sport, military and business.







Achilles Tendon (@Seth0Neill)

Seth is a physiotherapy lecturer at the University of Leicester. PhD on Achilles Tendinopathy (tendon disorders) and still studying/learning.


Alison Grimaldi @alisongrimaldi

Principal physiotherapist Physiotec, educator, adjunct research fellow UQ. Opinions my own.


Arturo Lawson @fizziowizzio

Lecturer in Physiotherapy at Brunel University, London Performance Physiotherapy, Richmond, Sports Injury, PhD candidate investigating tendon structure


Ebonie Rio (@tendonpain)

Post-doctoral researcher at La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre (LASEM) in Melbourne, Australia.


Jill Cook (@ProfJillCook)

Physiotherapist, tendon clinician-scientist.


Lorenzo Masci @lorenzo_masci ‏

Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine with an interest in tendons and ultrasound. RT are not an endorsement.


Peter Malliaras (@DrPeteMalliaras)

Physiotherapist & associate professor specialising in tendinopathy.


Sean Docking @SIDocking ‏

Part of the MONSTERS tendon research group. Interested in the management of tendinopathy and the role of UTC in the general and elite population







David Hunter (@ProfDavidHunter)

Osteoarthritis scientist and clinician. aka Joint Doctor. Tweets about joint health and treatment. Husband, dad and all round luckiest guy in the world!


Ewa Roos (@ewa_roos)

Professor of Musculoskeletal Function and Physiotherapy. Focus on prevention and treatment of joint injury and osteoarthritis. Developer of the KOOS.



Osteoarthritis Research Society International.



Soren Skou (@STSkou)

Research physiotherapist focusing on surgical and non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis and implementation of research in clinical practice.








BJSM editors Karim Khan, Babette Pluim, Kay Crossley. Serving clinicians/ practitioners in sport, exercise & physical activity. Retweet ≠ endorsement.


Chad Cook (@chadcookpt)

Researcher, physical therapist, and educator at Duke University.



Scientifically rigorous, clinically relevant content for PTs & others in the healthcare community to advance musculoskeletal & sports-related practice globally.


Mark Laslett (@marklaslett_NZ)

New Zealan Registered physiotherapy specialist (musculoskeletal). Special interest in science of diagnostics. Instructor online, & seminars.


PhysioMeetsScience (@PhysioMeScience)

Critical therapists in the field of physiotherapy, pain and movement science.







Anthony Teoli MScPT (@InfoPhysioPT)

Physiothérapeute. Étudiant au doctorat en sciences de la réadaptation - Université McGill. Président et Fondateur de InfoPhysiotherapy 






Alex Alvarez Navarro (@alex_tonus)

Fisioterapeuta / corredor. Interested in injury prevention & treatment. Docente en @clinicacorredor Colaboro con @AgenciaEbp Ejerzo en @tonustgn


Albert Carrère (@albertcarrere)

Fisioterapeuta. Interested on Prevention of running injuries. Running my clinic @AC_fisioterapia. Speaker at @clinicacorredor and @AgenciaEBP collaborator


Benoit Parot de Fontenay (@BenoitPdF)

Kinésithérapeute du sport et chercheur, PhD en sciences du sport.


Blaise Dubois (@blaisedubois)

Physio / expert en prévention et traitement des blessures en course à pied / running injury prevention and treatment expert / @CliniqueCoureur & @ClinicRunning


JF Esculier (@JFEsculier)

PT, PhD, Postdoc @UBC & Runner-Interested in injury prevention & treatment-The Running Clinic @ClinicRunning Chair Scientific Committee @spc2019


Kevin Maggs (@RunningReform)

Evidence based info on running injury management and prevention from Kevin Maggs D.C.


Flavio Bonnet (@FlavioBonnet)

PT, MSc., Cred. MDT. Founder of CKSP5, a specialized clinic in MSK & Sport in Paris and Co-Founder of the @Agence_EBP


Florence Morisseau (@florencemoriss1)

Experte en prévention et traitement des pathologies du coureur #expert2point0 #lacliniqueducoureur #mckenzie


Mickaël Préti (@MickaelPreti)

Digital Marketing Strategist in Health and Sports Industry | Ultra Runner | Travel Photographer & Storyteller - Montreal, Canada


Rémi Bergeron (@RemiBergeronPT)

Physiotherapist, Running Expert, speaker for The Running Clinic, VPO at ActionSportPhysio Down Town Montreal.


Simon Benoit (@SimonBenoit5)

Médecin, expert en prévention des blessures en course à pied


Thomas Lorblanchet (@lorblanchet)

Physiothérapeute | Ostéopathe | Ultra Runner | Expert en traitement et prévention des pathologies du coureur


Xavier Teychenné (@XTeychenne)

Papa, Kiné de campagne, CountrysideFrenchPT, ultra-traileur, SORunning #lacliniqueducoureur #therunningclinic

Xavier Teychenné (@XTeychenne)

Papa, Kiné de campagne, CountrysideFrenchPT, ultra-traileur, SORunning #lacliniqueducoureur #therunningclinic

Blaise Dubois