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Recommendations for the Prescription of Running Shoes



Dear professionals, here's the process recommended by The Running Clinic when it comes to guiding clients through the purchase of a new pair of running shoes.


  1.  Write a prescription.
  2. Provide a TRC rating.
  3. Refer your patient to the right place.
  4. Follow up with your patient.


Further Detail 


1. Write a Prescription

  • By writing a medical prescription, you bear the responsibility for following up with your patient. However, you are guaranteed that he or she will purchase the right pair of shoes.


2. Provide a TRC Rating, not a Suggestion for a Brand

  • Shoe specifications should be as accurate as possible, but in the least restrictive way for shoe retailers. That way, the options proposed will span more models and the level of satisfaction relative to the fit higher. The TRC rating enables to estimate how a specific running shoe will influence one's running biomechanics by modifying the impact-moderating behavior (kinetics and kinematics). Studies are increasingly relevant and explain very well the effect which shoes have on related biomechanical changes and how sustainable they actually are.
  • In a nutshell, the closer you get to being barefoot, the more important it becomes to develop adequate impact-moderating behaviors (e.g., less heel striking, higher cadence, lower vertical loading rate, etc.). While the likelihood of bringing about such changes is high when considering a TRC rating from 75% and above, it is considerably lower from 70% and below.


3. Refer Your Patient to the Right Place

  • Several specialized retailers base their recommendations on conclusive evidence. Their suggestion may cover all types of shoes, from more minimalist models to the maximalist end of the spectrum. However, clients will be advised in accordance with the most appropriate selection for them.


4. Follow up With Your Patient

  • Follow up with your patient in order to ensure adequate integration of the new shoes. Moreover, by providing initial advice you will guarantee better knowledge retention in terms of basic concepts relative to running injuries.