Physical activity in children



Our next 3 posts will be about your children's health. This week, we present you a brief introduction about the importance of physical activity for our kids, which will be followed next week by a very hot topic: "What shoes should our kids wear?"


Did you know...?


  • That the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 60 minutes of intense physical activity every day for children? "Intense activity" means that the activity involves some shortness of breath.
  • That 30% of children in North America are overweight? This condition, combined with obesity, causes more than 2.6 millions of deaths every year...
  • That lifestyle learned during childhood is a predictive health factor among adults?
  • That physical activity has a positive influence on social relationships, concentration, academic performance, optimal growth and development, self-esteem, stress reduction, etc.


How can we get our children to move?


Any activity stimulating the cardiovascular system is good. However, some of them may involve more organization and may be more expensive and time-consuming. The Running Clinic proposes you to get your kids into doing all kinds of running activities (road, trail, with or without a ball, forward or backward, with or without jumps, etc.). Running is the simplest and the most efficient sport! Integrate running into games, with objectives. Kids love such activities!


The Running Clinic decided to get involved in bringing our kids to move by organizing conferences, information booths and to sponsor kids running events. To support you into this process without anyone getting injured, we have created a running program to follow with your children aged 3 to 18. Warning to sedentary parents... maybe YOU will not be able to keep up the pace! You will also find a poster to hang up to your fridge, along with general advices about health and physical activity.  


Next week: What shoes should your kids wear? Until then, enjoy summer!