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If I were a specialized running shoe retailer / Si fuera un minorista o vendedor especializado en el calzado de carrera


  • I would be a runner.
  • I would get involved in my community to get people moving.
  • I would always be kind and helpful with my clients.  
  • I would only sell ultra-minimalist shoes for children (there would not be any other running shoe models in the store).
  • I would spend more time with beginners advising them to opt for minimalist shoes.
  • I would mainly recommend shoes with a TRC rating above 70%.
  • I would hold FiveFingers and Hokas in stock, among others.
  • I would promote barefoot running and would refer to an orthotics specialist if needed.
  • I would never tell people with flat feet that they need pronation control.
  • I would not boast about how minimalism is better to other runners who are used to running with maximalist shoes, who are not injured, and who are satisfied with their performance.
  • I would recommend larger shoe sizes over sizes that are too small.
  • I would repeat over and over that the most important criterion for selecting running shoes is comfort.  
  • I would put up large posters that read as follows: “Shoes should come in second!” “Take smaller steps and make less noise…” “Be wary of going too fast, too quickly!!”  
  • I would neither advocate false advertizing from running shoe companies nor would I put up signs with “pseudo” quotes to influence clients.
  • I would only use unbiased and educational information.
  • I would offer in-house AND external training to my employees – even training delivered by shoe companies, but I would be VERY critical about it :).  


What about you, what would you do?