Best Trail Event in Quebec!

The Running Clinic Trail Event, proud recipient of the “Best Cross/Mountain Event Organization” in 2016!


In just four years, The Running Clinic Trail Event has become a flagship event in the promotion of trail running in Québec. Named “Best Cross/Mountain Event Organization” in 2014 by the Fédération québécoise d’athlétisme (Québec Track and Field Federation), The Running Clinic is awarded the same prize in 2016!




This event has become a must thanks to its presence across all types of media, the elite caliber of the runners invited and the accessibility of the short-distance events designed for less experienced runners. Yet again, Lac-Beauport’s Le Saisonnier, an enchanting site, was host to this year’s event. In addition to being a unique running experience, The Running Clinic Trail Event also raised funds for a cause dear to the organizers’ heart. Indeed, an amount of $5,000 was donated to Le Saisonnier to help them provide services to underprivileged children. This year’s event also had a new international flavor to it!


More than 2,000 runners, volunteers, exhibitors, visitors and attendants contributed to the event’s success. Not to mention the great expertise of Horizon 5 and the contribution of our sponsors (PCN, Sibéria Spa, Le Saisonnier, Municipalité de Lac-Beauport) as part of the recipe. Our heartfelt thanks to you all, we share this award with you!





Be there for the next edition! Here are a few details concerning the 2016 edition:



A bucolic village

Exhibitors, visitors and runners were in awe before this natural landscape as part of this 100% festive trail running atmosphere. In fact, Le Saisonnier’s superb site was transformed into a running theme park. Hundreds of participants were greeted in a truly graceful venue designed to highlight event organizers, sponsors and retailers. In addition to promoting public relations among representatives of the running community and sharing a mutual passion in nature, bringing together more than 25 exhibitors provided for a warm welcome for all runners.



An exceptional animation service for children

Over 25 experienced animators from Le Saisonnier’s Day Camp had prepared tons of activities! Hundreds of kids could thus spent a wonderful and safe day as they waited for their race to begin or their parents to return. Gigantic inflatable games, climbing walls, fitness trails, mascots, medieval entertainment, a day-care service: all options were available!




An amazing team

A team of 16 committed leaders from Horizon 5 and The Running Clinic along with 86 volunteers ensured everyone’s safety, entertainment and management of the event. In addition to performing their respective tasks, they also boosted the spirit of all participants along the course with their energy and cheering.




Highly appreciated technical execution

All runners were unanimous: everyone thought it was a truly exceptional course. We received many positive comments highlighting the beauty of the trails, the magnificence of the landscapes, the variety of terrains and the balance in the degree of difficulty and the elevation for all races. Less experienced runners appreciated the wide clean trails of shorter distances, which were suitable for an introduction to trail running and the season’s beginning.




Impressive marking

Thousands of little flags, hundreds of meters of marking tape, wood arches with distance indications and constant marking with the event’s colors… nothing was missing!



Maximum security for participants

The Running Clinic Trail Event stands out by its medical presence. Treating specialists from the PCN Physiotherapy clinic had set up an evacuation plan and a support structure. Such detailed planning will undoubtedly become the benchmark for future running events in the province.




More than $10,000 in prizes

More than $10,000 in prizes were drawn among participants and volunteers. As no exclusivity agreement had been signed, everyone was welcome to offer prizes, which brought together several key players from Québec’s running community. Many shoe companies and retailers also donated prizes.



A great cause

The visibility of the event was also enhanced thanks to a donation of $5,000 for the Tournesol Program, which allows young people experiencing difficulties to spend time at Le Saisonnier’s Day Camp.  





The highest competition level in Québec’s trail running events

A total of 40 elite athletes running all distances, on all surfaces were invited to take part in the 10 km and 30 km events free of charge. Several of them took up the challenge and; as a result, we are proud to announce that we were in a position to achieve the highest competition level in Québec’s trail running events in 2016… and probably one of the most competitive, across all types of races! All athletes were first introduced to the camera as they rushed past the starting line of a race which dazzled everyone present.      




Come run the next edition! To register to the 2017 The Running Clinic Trail event, click here.

Blaise Dubois