Here is the 8th webinar of our exclusive series!


Science is changing very rapidly, and any good evidence-based clinical practice must keep pace with new research findings.


However, with science, nothing is ever all black or all white. Therefore, different conclusions can lead to different interpretations.


And even within The Running Clinic's research and development team, there are disagreements about how to put science in practice!


Based on the latest evidence, can one conclude beyond reasonable doubt...

  • that running helps develop stronger bones?
  • that 80% of running injuries are caused by training overload?
  • that clinicians must correct biomechanics and loading rates to prevent injuries?
  • that gait modifications should be maintained after the rehabilitation of an injury?
  • that runners who use minimalist footwear suffer fewer injuries, on the long term, than runners who use traditional footwear?


To answers these questions, and those you will ask them live, join a very stimulating debate with The Running Clinic's R&D team, Blaise DuboisJean-Francois Esculier and Olivier Roy-Baillargeon.


Make sure to invite your friends and family, as live access is open to everyone!


The recording will only be available to our accredited professionals.
















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