Here is the 7th webinar of our exclusive series!


There are as many "good" running shoes as there are runners.


A shoe that would be great for a seasoned runner who is uninjured and satisfied with their performance might not be suitable for a novice runner struggling with recurring injuries.


Based on the latest research, which shoes are the best...

  • if you want to start running?
  • if you want to run faster?
  • if you are injured?
  • if you only run for fun?
  • if you have flat feet or high arches?


To find answers to all of these questions, and many more, join a lively discussion with your usual hosts, Jean-Francois Esculier and Olivier Roy-Baillargeon, from The Running Clinic's R&D team.


Make sure to invite your friends and family, as live access is open to everyone!


The recording will only be available to our accredited professionals.