Here is the 6th webinar of our exclusive series!


Consistently delivering world-class performance on the world's biggest stage in ultra-trail running requires a unique combination of dedication, motivation, physical abilities and mental toughness that only a very select few possess.


Enter our special guests, Marianne Hogan and Mathieu Blanchard.


Their 2022 campaign has culminated in a triumph of sorts, as both have cemented their reputation as ultra-trail running's fastest rising stars by taking the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc by storm and finishing in 2nd place.


After a much-deserved break to rest and recover, they set their sights on the other most prestigious ultra-trail running event on the international stage: the Western States Endurance Run, the world's oldest 100-mile race, whose 47th edition will start in Olympic Valley, California, on June 24.


How do they train and recover to perform at this level without getting injured?


How do they manage expectations from themselves, their fans and their sponsors? 


How can we mere mortals emulate (some of) their practices to achieve our own potential?


They will answer all of these questions, and many more, through a discussion with your usual hosts, Jean-Francois Esculier and Olivier Roy-Baillargeon, from The Running Clinic's R&D team.


This interactive webinar will be a golden opportunity for you to ask them everything you want to know about what makes them so dominant.


Make sure to invite your friends and family, as live access is open to everyone!


The recording will only be available to our accredited professionals.