Here is the 5th webinar of our exclusive series!


Scientific evidence on the prevention and treatment of running injuries in relation to intrinsic foot muscles, orthotics and running shoes has been piling up for a few years now, but several fundamental interrogations remain.


Do orthotics and maximalist shoes weaken foot muscles?


How can runners strengthen those muscles? 


What is the link between intrinsic foot muscle strength and the incidence of running-related injuries?


To answer all of these questions, and many more, Jean-Francois Esculier and Olivier Roy-Baillargeon, from The Running Clinic's R&D team, will discuss with the instructor of our course 1.3, Dominic Chicoine, DPM, M.Sc., a podiatrist and expert in running injuries.


This interactive webinar will be a golden opportunity to learn the current state of research about these little-known muscles.


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