1.1 Diagnosis of Lower Limb Injuries: Practical Aspects


Level up your clinical reasoning and diagnostic skills


Assess people with lower limb injuries through an evidence-based framework

Do you sometimes struggle with differential diagnosis, and finding the right treatment for your clients? Our 2-day Course 1.1 offers an opportunity to learn and practice clinical reasoning frameworks using the perfect combination of the latest science and hands-on practical skills.

Sometimes, the wrong diagnosis can lead to the wrong treatment plan, and patients not getting better. Or worse, they may not even come back. Taking a deep dive into evidence-based differential diagnosis will help you:


  Learn the best clinical tests to include or exclude diagnostic hypotheses of lower limb injuries

  Master cutting-edge clinical reasoning skills and frameworks to assess injured athletes

  Develop clinical expertise in diagnosing complex cases and recommending appropriate treatments

  Position yourself as a reference for your colleagues and peers in the medical community


 Participants in The Running Clinic's course 1.1



Streamline your assessment approach

This course is complementary to 1.0 Fundamentals of Running Injuries, and they can be done in no particular order. No prerequisites are required to take this course, other than being a healthcare professional.

Course 1.1 covers the essentials for diagnosing both traumatic and non-traumatic lower limb injuries.

Upon completing this two-day course, you will be fully equipped to combine the most appropriate tests to rule in or out the most common lower limb injuries in runners, athletes and active populations.


Seize this opportunity to hone your clinical reasoning skills with feedback from our expert clinicians through hands-on practice of more than 50 diagnostic tests and integrative case studies.


Are you ready to level up your diagnostic skills?

Here are the objectives and schedule of our course.



Our Speaker

Rémi Bergeron, PT | Follow him on Twitter @RemiBergeronPT



When and where?

30 September-1 October 2023

8 AM to 5 PM
Lunch breaks from 12:30 to 1:30 PM

Our speaker will greet you 30 minutes before the course begins.


Holistic Wellness Physiotherapy
1051 Baxter Road, Unit 22C
Ottawa (Ontario) K2C 3P1



The Running Clinic is a proud educational partner of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. This course has been approved (6.8 CEUs) by the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.









  • Audience

Health professionals entitled to produce a clinical diagnosis: physiotherapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists

Whether you’re a new grad who needs help feeling confident with differential diagnosis, or an established clinician who wants to learn which tests are actually relevant and new frameworks to streamline your practice, this course is an essential!

  • What to bring?

Wear comfortable clothing, e.g. running shoes and shorts.

Snacks will be provided on both days, during AM and PM breaks.

Course notes will be sent by email a few days before. Download and bring them on your tablet or laptop.

  • Discounts

Students: please email proof of enrolment to info@therunningclinic.com to get your promo code for 50% off!

Members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association: use the promo code in the Members Discounts section of the CPA's website to get 15% off!

  • More information


Isabelle Dumais
+1 418 907-8171


Registration, payment, cancellation

Payment must be made by credit card and will be debited upon registration.

Reimbursement is possible up to 6 weeks before the course.

10% administrative fees are non-refundable at all times.

A minimum of 20 participants is required for the course to take place.

A cancellation notice will be sent by email as soon as possible if the course is cancelled.

Additional information will be emailed to you within 2 weeks of the course.

You will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the course.

Your registration for this course will automatically put your email address on our mailing list.

It is forbidden to take photos, videos or record during the course.



I acknowledge that running and walking in its different forms can be inherently strenuous activities and that no event is without risk of injuries. By registering to the 2-day course Diagnosis of lower limb injuries: Practical aspects, I renounce taking any actions whatsoever against The Running Clinic should I get injured during or after the course, or should my personal effects be damaged or stolen during the course.

I confirm that my physical condition allows me to participate and to get involved in the practical sessions. Otherwise, I will retire voluntarily from sessions that do not suit me.

I authorize The Running Clinic to take photos and/or videos as part of its continuing education activities. These may be modified, retouched, published, distributed, displayed, exploited in any other way, for the purposes of promotional and educational publications or videos. They can be shared around the world, without any time limit. I understand that the images taken will be presented in a positive manner. I release The Running Clinic from all liability and waive any claim arising directly or indirectly from the dissemination of the images described above, by any means whatsoever.

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