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Minimalist vs Maximalist

The debate continues to undermine the practices of prescribers and shoe salesmen. Here we explain what defines a maximalist and minimalist shoe, then the effects on biomechanics.

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Minimalist index

The shoe can be classified through a continuum which is based on five aspects : the thickness of the sole, the drop, flexibility, weight and the stabilizer technologies. This formula is called minimalist index ( IM). A minimalist Index almost 100% is for example obtained by some models FiveFinger. In contrast, models of ultra- Maximalists footwear such some Hoka, get an IM near 0 %.

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6 hot questions

An open and vigorous debate on the running shoe was held at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. The panelists were from all walks of life and high level of knowledge or experience. In this series of six videos, a panel of experts including exchange on the basis of the recommendations, minimalism and maximalism, the current footwear market and other controversial topics .

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