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Myths and realities

As in running, false beliefs are numerous. In these videos, Isabelle and Blaise dismantle the most persistent myths in the light of science. Stretching , shoes absorption, overweight , arthritis, etc., several controversial issues that still confront the entrenched speech ! Sorry, french only !




Strength training exercises are beneficial to runners. You should advise patients to enroll in these programs when they want to get back to running after an injury, prevent injury or improve performance. In addition to preparing muscles for running and building strength, these exercises help prevent muscle fatigue that could lead to injury.

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You can prescribe flexibility exercises to "stiff" runners to help increase their range of movement. They can also improve performance if stretching is not done immediately before training.

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General tips

These tips serve as valuable reminders for both beginners and advanced runners. Golden rules, mechanical stress quantification, progression and preparation are all basic concepts to prevent injury.

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Tools for Kids

Physical activity plays a key role in your child's musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health. Here are a few tools to help get your child into running. In addition to following fun golden rules, children and older youths can track their progress by checking the “Successfully Achieved” box next to each training session throughout the progressive program.

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