Rémi Bergeron

Rémi Bergeron

B.SC. Pt Montréal, Canada

Rémi Bergeron received his bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Montréal in 2001. Since he graduated, he has been part of the Action Sport Physio Centre-Ville team as Head Physiotherapist and VPO since 2007. Passionate about sports medicine, Rémi has attended a large number of reputable courses, which has allowed him to hone his skills in this field of expertise, especially in manual therapy and motor control. Since the beginning of his career, in addition to his private practice, he has been performing hands-on work with various teams and as part of several sporting events.
His personal experience in the field of running is also very broad. As a former triathlete, he now takes part in adventure racing events and expedition races, and practices orienteering as well as road and trail running. Rémi is an avid runner. Furthermore, thanks to his training and know-how, he is constantly looking to develop his expertise in the prevention and treatment of running injuries.


  • Bachelor of Science, Physiotherapy - University of Montreal, 2001
  • College diploma, Health science (DEC) - College of Sherbrooke, 1998

Titles and work experience

  • Member of the OPPQ (Quebec Professional Order of Physiotherapy) - Since 2001
  • Physiotherapist and senior physiotherapist Action Sport Physio downtown Montreal - Since 2001
  • VP Operation Action Sport Physio downtown, Montreal - Since 2007
  • Physiotherapist for “Students in the Race” - Since 2012
  • Speaker for The Running Clinic - Since 2013
  • Consultant Physiotherapist for Horizon 2020 Team Quebec men gymnastics - Since 2016
  • Physiotherapist for Elite Men Gymnastics Club Père Sablon Center - 2001 to 2007 
  • Consultant physiotherapist Cirque du Soleil’s training studios - 2001 to 2004

Continuing Education

  • New trends in running injury prevention (Blaise Dubois)
  • Non-traumatic injuries of the lower quadrant: The clinician and is tool box (Blaise Dubois and Sébastien Richard)
  • Manual Therapy   

            - E2V2, E3V3

            - Vertebral manipulation course (Jim Meadows)

  • Kinetic Control (Sean GT Gibbons)

            - Understanding Movement and Function “Key Concepts”

            - Dx of Mechanical LBP Sub Group and Stability Retraining of the Lx Spine.

            - Mechanical Stability Dysfunction of the Hip and Lower Limb

            - Practical Application of Proprioception Sensory Motor Training

            - Myofascial Trigger Points Rx for Movement Dysfunction and Complex Pain

            - Muscle Imbalance and Stability Retraining for the Forearm and Hand

  • Sport first responder
  • Neuro proprioceptive taping (level 1)
  • Functional Movement Assessment for the Manual Therapist (FMS/SFMA) (Kyle Kiesel and PJ Plisky)
  • Understand and Explain Pain (Lorimer Moseley)
  • Pain and the neuvous system: Neurodynamic intervention in physiotherapy (Diane Racette)
  • Pain fundementals: Reconciling pain science and biomechanics (Greg Lehman)
  • The shoulder, Basic (level I) and Advanced (level II), (Lynn Watson)
  • Mulligan concepts, Upper Quadrant (Jack Miller)
  • Fit for golf (level 5)

Personal Interests and Accomplishments

  • Running and trail running
  • Teaching
  • Continental Beach Life Guard and Life Guarding Competitor (1995 to 2001)
  • Level 2 Alpine Skiing Canadian Coaching Certification Program (1996 to 2000)
  • Participated on numerous adventure races at the national and international level (since 2001)
  • National level Triathlete (1993-1994)
  • National level Alpine Skier (1994 to 1997)


  • Bilingual (french and english)