Scientific articles can seem complex. However, interpreting the results of a scientific article, and applying its conclusions in patient care, is essential for healthcare professionals.


  • What are the interventions being tested?
  • Is there a control group, and if so, is it appropriate?
  • What outcomes are measured?
  • Are the measuring tools appropriate?
  • Are the results statistically AND clinically significant?
  • Should the conclusions of the study change what we do in the clinic?


This is where The Running Clinic's Journal Club comes into play!


Our R&D team, led by clinician-researcher Jean-Francois Esculier, PT, PhD, invites you to analyse new articles live, from the comfort of your home.


We will show you how to interpret the results of these studies, identify the relevant elements for your clinical practice, and determine whether their conclusions should change your approach.


Seize this golden opportunity to put science in practice!


All you have to do is read the study before our Journal Club's webinar, and to prepare your questions, so you get the most out of it.


We look forward to talking research with you during The Running Clinic's Journal Club!


Live sessions are open to everyone. Journal Club members can always watch the recordings through their exclusive access, on our WebTV.

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