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PEACE & LOVE: Management of soft-tissue injuries



PEACE & LOVE is the new acronym for treating soft-tissue injuries developed by The Running Clinic and published in the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine. It is also a lecture for health professionals that was presented on numerous occasions in different countries. 



This new online course explores beyond the letters of the acronym. Built by clinician-researchers, it gives the tools to push your practice to the next level, as per our usual standards – based on the highest level of scientific evidence, but also on reflection and coherence. Be prepared to learn a lot, and get better results with your clients!


You will receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of the online course.




This 8-hour online course includes:

- 1 hour of videos from a public lecture that introduce the concepts and recommendations presented and detailed in the 12 chapters

- 2 hours and 40 minutes of videos from PowerPoint presentations with a voice-over commentary that synthesise and translate the key takeaways for practice of more than 80 systematic reviews and expert consensuses

- 6 educational tools available for download

- 4 case studies

- 100 exam questions


Check out the course objectives here.



Blaise Dubois and Jean-Francois Esculier


Health professionals who treat runners and athletes: physiotherapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, osteopaths, etc.


• Asynchronous online course

• 8 hours of interactive, synthesized content


Isabelle Dumais: