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Location: Linköping, Comté d'Östergötland, Suède

Language English

Price: 100 SEK

This lecture is postpone

Presented on many occasions, this lecture has informed thousands of runners across the world about the most recent scientific evidence and provided them with direct applications to their training. Running biomechanics, footwear, stretching and strengthening, optimal management of training loads: you'll learn how the latest research can help you prevent injuries ...and run faster!

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  • Audience 

Running enthousiasts: joggers, runners, athletes, coaches, health professionals


  • Date 

13 JUNI 2019


  • Hours

18:00 - 20:00


  • Location

Hugo Theorells sal


ingång 7/ Norra Entrén, plan 9


  • Speaker 

Jean-Francois EsculierPT, PhD.


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Pris: 100kr 


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Franck Lafuma:




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