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Choose footwear

Four characteristics should guide its decision on the purchase of a child's shoe: comfortable, flexible, light and low. More children are barefoot and the longer it will be in age, motor development will be encouraged. Sorry, french only !



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A little science

Here is a literature review concerning the choice of children's shoes.


To summarize the main points:


1. The foot grows optimally in a "barefoot environment".

2. The primary role of shoes is to protect the foot injuries and infections.

3. stiff and compressive shoes can cause deformities, weakness and loss of mobility.

4. The term "corrective shoe" is an inappropriate word Shock absorption, distribution charges and heel rise are modifications of valid shoes to treat pathologies.

5. The selection of shoes for children should be based on the "bare foot" model.

6. Physicians should avoid and discourage marketing and media "ization" shoes.

7. The commodification of "corrective shoe" is harmful to the child, expensive for parents, and discredits the medical profession.

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