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Take part in one of the programs designed by The Running Clinic and its experts: Guy Thibaut, exercise physiologist, Richard Chouinard, trainer and teacher from the Department of Kinesiology at Université Laval and Blaise Dubois, physiotherapist.  

If you have already developed footwear habits, good or bad, be mindful when making changes. The Running Clinic suggests not changing your habits if you have not injured yourself and are not interested in achieving high performance. However, the weight of running shoes is a key determining factor. When participating in marathons, each extra gram will cost you seconds in time!  

Running programs



Let yourself be inspired by these videos on adrenaline, the pleasures of sport and surpassing oneself.


TRACK racers, WATCH this finish. It’ll give you goosebumps!



ROAD runners, WATCH this narrow finish with a mere 19-second difference!



TRAIL runners, watch this episode from the Solomon series “Why we run.” This video combines the beauty of the trails and the awe-inspiring wisdom of trail runner Bernd Heinrich.



"Just Keep Running" tells the story of Ruby Muir, a trail athlete with great potential. The video follows her on her quest to find out what motivates us to run, to persevere, and what running means to her. In addition to breathtaking scenery, the video shows what could be described as the perfect running technique, including extremely effective low impact running and an impressive negotiation of terrain.