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Your CADENCE is the number of steps taken over a specific time. Regardless of whether the distance is travelled at a jogging pace (10 km/hr) or racing pace (20 km/hr), your cadence should remain regular and should not vary according to your speed. In order to minimize the force of impact on the ground, the loss of energy and the risk of injuries, it is best to keep the frequency of your strides to just above 170/minute. Tip: count three steps per second for a few strides and keep running at a regular pace. Try not to think about it too much; simply take smaller steps.

Running technique

Tips on how to run more efficiently with Blaise Dubois and Lee-Manuel Gagnon from The Running Clinic on V télé's Aubaines et Cie, May 3, 2015. Sorry, french only!


Three technical tips for better running

 Running biomechanics are not immediately at optimum capacity for all runners. However, the following three tips will help you attain more efficient technical results and help you go faster while reducing possible injuries over the long term. Sorry, french only !


The science of an adequate running technique

During a debate on running form (“Grand débat sur la technique de course”), held in Montréal on May 14, 2015, The Running Clinic made a 25-minute presentation that showcased scientific evidence relating to running techniques, and put forward practical recommendations for runners based on its confidence in these techniques. Sorry, french only !