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Three best warm-up exercises for runners

The three best running-related warm-up exercises are introduced in this next section. These exercises are intended to increase the range of motion required for a faster run. Sorry, french only !


Educative tools

Muscular relaxation exercises (stretching) can help runners’ stiffness and even improve their performance, as long as the stretches are not performed before training.

Stretching exercises

Warm-up and preparation to training

Here is the preparation to a training session by a top athlete. From the small jog to gradual accelerations, Genevieve Thibault shows in detail the educational ABCD (functional ballistic stretching) that are essential for a good preparation for any training involving speed or intensity. These movements are also a good way to strengthen your body. Note the "black and white" segments that are not part of the recommendations : lack of stability, too much amplitude, non-functional, etc.


Warm-up steps