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Still not sure if running is the right activity for you?





Your objectives and distances selected should be realistically achievable. Select a running program that matches your current physical activity level; being too ambitious about frequency, endurance and intensity increases the risk of injuries. Following a program that is customized to your current physical condition will greatly increase your chances of physical improvement, making training more enjoyable and keeping you motivated throughout!

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Let yourself be inspired by these videos on adrenaline, the pleasures of sport and surpassing oneself.



"Just Keep Running" tells the story of Ruby Muir, a trail athlete with great potential. The video follows her on her quest to find out what motivates us to run, to persevere, and what running means to her. In addition to breathtaking scenery, the video shows what could be described as the perfect running technique, including extremely effective low impact running and an impressive negotiation of terrain.