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Selecting your own running shoe


This video explains how to best select your running shoe by demonstrating the influence of some criteria (such as weight, flexibility, size, etc.) on biomechanical components. By introducing various minimalist and maximalist models, specialists at The Running Clinic will help you make an informed decision! 


The world of running saw the biggest explosion of running shoe technology in the 1990s. Was this phenomenon successful in preventing injuries? What did runners wear before these new technologies came along? Isabelle introduces a short synopsis on running shoes, helping both beginner and advanced runners make the right choice! Sorry, french only!



What criteria should guide your running shoe selection? Are the features sought the same for mountain running as they are for hiking? Should you use a different shoe for different seasons? Blaise introduces several models based on individual foot shape and movement. Sorry, french only!


Adjusting your running shoes

Many runners wear ill-fitting shoes: the size may be too small for running, the toe box may be too narrow, etc. This video introduces basic principles and ideas that are essential to a well-fitted sports shoe. Sorry, french only! 


Minimalist and maximalist running shoes

Debates surrounding minimalist and maximalist running shoes are still raging among shoe consultants and salespeople. This section introduces the differences between minimalist and maximalist shoes and their impact on biomechanical components. Sorry, french only!


Selecting running shoes

Comfort above all must guide the selection of running shoes. Because of the vast array of choices on today’s market, we describe some specific, science-based criteria here. This should make your choice easier and allow you to select the best shoe possible for yourself. Sorry, french only!


Find a running shoe

Here is a detailed document to guide you in choosing your shoe.

Detailed document

Simplified version of the document to guide you in choosing your shoe.

Simplified document