Director of Communications

Director of communications, Melanie is the link between everyone associated with The Running Clinic. She is the person to contact for any questions regarding the specialized stores based on scientific evidence, the specialized clinics and the conferences offered in the corporate community. Her mission : to develop autonomous, informed and expert cells to enhance the sharing of knowledge between running specialists and amateurs.


In addition to her professional career, Melanie is also interested in the movement and strengthening of the body's natural functions. Her passion for physical activities led her to a achieved a certification in GrooveMethod that she is now teaching at a YMCA and to ran her first half-marathon. Guided by questions about the body's coping abilities, her research led her directly to Blaise Dubois and The Running Clinic. Today, it's with that wonderful team that she has the chance to combine her passion for running and her communication skills.


To contact Melanie via email: