Executive Director

Director of communications and logistics for The Running Clinic™, Isabelle is the first person you will get in contact with. For any of your questions, course and conference organizations, special requests, don't hesitate to contact her. Her goal: to advise and serve you well but especially to put you and your children to do physical activities! She is also the instigator of The Running Clinic's Mini-marathons which you will able to follow in Quebec City's area and around.


Sport woman since her young age, Isabelle discovers a real passion for individual sports at the beginning of her twenties... running being at the top of her list! She made her first steps on the Plaines of Abraham (in Quebec city) and got initiated to the joy of track running by "Club La Foulée" in 2003. Then, She discovered the fun to reach out for her limits by doing road races. A few competitions later, here's what she achieved:


  • Best time on a 10k
    • 37min07sec
  • Best Half-Marathon (Scotia Bank 21k Montréal 2010)
    • 1h24min
  • First ever Marathon: 3h03min for the 3rd place at Quebec City's Marathon Des Deux Rives in 2009


It is also in 2010 that she experiences snowshoe running. Finally a good reason to love winter!


To contact Isabelle via e-mail: info@lacliniqueducoureur.com