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Blaise Dubois

Blaise Dubois


BSc PT, Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, former Consultant for Athletics Canada

Blaise Dubois graduated from the Université Laval physiotherapy program in 1998, where he was awarded the prize for excellence in the musculoskeletal field. He immediately specialized and received from the Canadian Association a diploma in sports physiotherapy. In 2010, Blaise Dubois begins a master\'s degree in experimental medicine and the publication of a Cochrane review on "Physical interventions for preventing stress fractures and stress reactions of bone of the lower limbs in young adults" (in progress).


Now considered as a reference in preventing running injuries, Blaise Dubois has become an international leader in this field. Speaker, passionate athlete and co-owner of the “PCN physiothérapie et médecine du sport” sports physiotherapy clinics, Blaise considers himself primarily a specialized therapist working specifically in the prevention and treatment of running injuries. As a former consultant with the Canadian national track and field team, he has participated in several international events, including numerous world championships.


  • Graduate of the physical therapy program in the Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval in 1998 (he was awarded the prize for excellence in the musculoskeletal field)
  • Master degrees candidate (Experimental Medicine)
  • Member of l’Ordre professionnels de la physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ)
  • Member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (ACP)
  • Member of Sports Physiotherapy Canada from which he has received his diploma

Teaching Experience

  • Teacher (in 2007) for the Physical Education Department, Université Laval (sports physiology)
  • Teacher in the Medical Department, Faculty of Medicine, Université Laval (musculoskeletal, undergraduate, 2006-2009)
  • Teaches at all levels for clinical internships to students of the Faculty of Medicine in physiotherapy (Université Laval).
  • Punctual interventions (Université Laval)
    • Biomechanics and anatomy (Faculty: Education sciences / Department: Physical education)
    • Sport therapy (Faculty: Medicine / Department: Rehabilitation)
    • Diagnostic différentiel et intervention en première ligne (Faculty: Medicine / Department: Rehabilitation)
  • Punctual interventions
    • (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières - UQTR)
      • Sécurité, traumatologie et premiers soins en kinésiologie (PPK-1071, department \'Sciences de l'activité physique\')
      • Sécurité, traumatologie et premiers soins en activité physique (PPK-1023, department 'Sciences de l'activité physique')
      • Podiatrie sportive / Doctorat de premier cycle en médecine podiatrique (POD-1032, department 'Sciences de l'activité physique')
    •  (Université de Lausanne - Suisse)
      • Biomécanique des locomotions sportives (Maîtrise universitaire ès Sciences en sciences du mouvement et du sport, Faculté des sciences sociales et politiques)

Teacher for Postgraduate Courses

  • New trends in the prevention of running injuries
    • more than 100 courses given worldwide (French, English and Spanish)
  • Lower limb overuse injuries: the clinician and his toolbox
  • Neuroproprioceptive taping
  • Running shoes: Science, controversy and practical aspect

Post-graduate Conferences (Presented to health professionals and trainers)

  • Prise en charge du coureur blessé, approche contemporaine (Colloque Medicine sportive et musculosquelettique UM)
  • The secret in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries
  • Level 4, Task 6 (Recovery and Regeneration) of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
  • New trends in the prevention of running injuries (NCCP)
  • Extrinsic factors in running injuries (AQMS)
  • Running biomechanics (TQ)
  • Tendinopathies
  • The role of flexibility exercises in injury prevention (AKQ)
  • The coach and the injured athlete (AKQ)
  • Running shoes: Science, controversy and practical aspect (AOPQ, Congrès tendances, Asso Contact physio)
  • Running Biomechanics : Science, controversy and practical aspect (AQPMO)
  • The painful knee
  • The knee, from theory to clinical practice (CASM)
  • The non-traumatic knee (co-teacher)
  • The traumatic knee (co-teacher)
  • The non-traumatic shoulder (co-teacher)
  • Lower back pain: assessment and treatment
  • The plantar orthoses : for or against
  • The link between anthropometric measure and musculoskeletal pathologies
  • The dynamic foot
  • Shoes and injuries (CCCOP)
  • Physiotherapy, Chiropractics, Osteopathy: How to be enlightened? (co-teacher FMOQ)

Public Conferences

  • Run faster, injury free and with pleasure
    • more than 100 lectures given worldwide
  • Prevention of running injuries
  • Correct your running biomechanics to decease injury and to improve performance
  • Participation to public debates/discussions of experts panel on running
    • The Re-Evolution of Running / Discover Pain Free Movement for Life 2010 (Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA)
    • The Re-Evolution of Running : Where Science and Shoes Meet 2011 (Shepherdstown, West Virginia, USA)
    • The Elements of Sustainable Running 2011 (Boulder, Colorado, USA)
    • Chaussure de course minimaliste vs traditionnelle 2011 (Montréal, Québec, Canada)
    • Running shoes: Science, controversy and practical aspect 2011 (The Running Event - Austin, Texas, USA)
    • Traditional Shoes versus Minimalist Shoes, Where Science Meets the Road 2012 (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
    • The Great Running Shoe Debate 2012 (Melbourne, Australia)
    • Newcastle Running Forum \"The Future of Running- is less really more?\" 2012 (New Castle, Australia)
    • Debate on running shoes: minimalist or maximalist? 2013 (Lausanne, Suisse)

Continuing Education

  • Spinal manipulation course (Jim Meadows)
  • Manual therapy course
    • V2-E2, E3-V3
    • Upper and lower quadrant course
  • OPPQ course
    • Discs pathologies (Y Plourde - 1999)
    • The elbow (S Marcotte - 1999)
    • The foot (E Maheu - 2008)
    • The shoulder (J Tardif - 2000)
  • First responder course
  • Kinesiotaping course (USA -2006)
  • Running biomechanics course
    • \"Advanced Functional Biomechanics of the Lower Quarter\" (Christopher Powers, Los Angeles CA)
    • \"Evaluation and treatment of the injured runner\" (Irene Davis, Toronto CAN)
    • \"180running\" (Shane Lakins)
    • \"ChiRunning\" (Danny Dreyer)
    • \"Pose Method\" (Nicolas Romanov)
    • \"Establishing a Running Clinic: more than a treadmill and a camera\" (S Miller, B Heiderscheit, B Williams)
  • Training, exercises and biomechanics course
    • Functional Movement Assessment for the Manual Therapist - from FMS/SFMA course of Gray Cook (K Kiesel and PJ Plisky)
    • Building the Ultimate Back: From Rehabilitation to High Performance (Stuart McGill)
    • Uderstanding, prevention and rehabilitation of ACL injuries in athletes (Timothy E. Hewett)
    • Functional Biomechanics of the Lower Quarter (Christopher M. Powers)
    • Therapeutic Exercises (Bruce Craven)
    • Diagnosis & treatment of Movement System Impairment Syndromes (Shirley Sahrmann)
    • Clinical Reasoning & Sub-classification for Neuromuscular Therapeutic Exercise (Sean Gibbons)
    • National program / Performance technology (Roger Jackson, Alex Baumann)
    • Contôle moteur et apprentissage (Université Laval)
  • Science course
    • Cochrane Standard Author Training (The Canadian Cochrane Centre - Ottawa)
    • Formation pour auteurs Cochrane (The Canadian Cochrane Centre - Québec)
  • Several other courses and lectures on : sport medicine (AQMS and CASM), sports nutrition, principles of training, massage therapy, etc.


  • Principal author for a Cochrane Review publication
    • Protocol: Dubois B, Frémont P, Desmeules F, Njoya MM. Physical interventions for preventing stress fractures of the lower limbs. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.
  • Peer Review Studies
    • \'Impact reduction during running: efficiency of simple acute interventions in recreational runners\', Marlène Giandolini, Pierrick J. Arnal, Guillaume Y. Millet, Nicolas Peyrot, Pierre Samozino, Blaise Dubois, Jean-Benoît Morin, European Journal of Applied Physiology, Publish online: 09 august 2012.
  • Reviewer for peer reviewed journal
    • Sport Medicine
  • Poster Presentation
    • Running Biomechanics: Science, Controversy and Practical Aspect. Overview of the Scientific Literature, Blaise Dubois, Poster #95, l’IFOMPT 2012 (World Congress of Manual/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy/International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists)
    • Running shoe: Science, Controversy and Practical Aspect. Overview of the Scientific Literature, Blaise Dubois, Poster #100, l’IFOMPT 2012 (World Congress of Manual/Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy/International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists)
    • Comparison of two types of running shoes for preventing injuries in recreational runners: a pilot study, Blaise Dubois, Jean-Francois Esculier, Craig Richards, Pierre Frémont, CASEM Annual Scientific Meeting - \"Sport & Exercise Medicine on the Western Edge\", Whistler BC, APRIL 2013
    • Narrative review on running shoes recommendations. Who cares about the evidence? Everything is about marketing!, Blaise Dubois and Jean-François Esculier, SPIN Summit 2014, Own the podium, Montréal.
  • Studies in progress
    • ... some others secret :)
  • Articles dans magazine non revues par les pairs
    • Running Shoes: A New Paradigm, Orthopaedic Division Review, March - April 2013 Volume 26, No. 1
    • Chaussure de jogging moderne et la thérapeutique, Blaise Dubois, Profession Kiné #35, 2012
    • Le mystère de la grande pyramide : L\'entrainement par EPI sans se blesser Guy Thibault et Blaise Dubois, Zatopek, #21, 2012
    • Chaussure minimalist versus maximaliste, est-ce la fin des débats, Blaise Dubois, Zatopek, #spécial 2012
    • Le jeux des erreurs, Blaise Dubois, Zatopek, #18, 2011
    • Chroniqueur revue Kmag 2011-2013 : Prévenir c\'est guérir, Le stretching pour le coureur, Renforcement 101, Le syndrome de la bandelette, La periostite, La face cachée de la rotule, Fesses de fer, Le symdrome de loge antérieure, La fracture de stress métatarsienne, la tendinite d\'Achille, La lombalgie, la métatarsalgie.
    • « Les douleurs antérieures du genou : La face cachée de la rotule » et « Les problèmes de genou chez l’enfant » Co-author of two publications in the journal “Le Médecin du Québec” in July 2003

Professional Achievements

  • President founder of The Running Clinic
  • Co-owner of « PCN cliniques de physiothérapie et de médecine du sport »* sports physiotherapy clinics.

*12 clinics spread throughout the greater Quebec City area, including more than 100 employees and consultants (physiotherapists, rehabilitation technicians, athletic therapists, sport MDs, orthopaedists, osteopaths, nutritionists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, sports psychologists, etc.).

  • Formation leaderships : M3I Supervision (programme de développement des compétences en gestion et en supervision des ressources humaines)
  • Co-fondateur et directeur de course de la \"TRAIL La Cinique Du Coureur\" (évènement sportif annuel)

Professional Sports Achievements

  • With Athletics Canada (several international competitions and world championships)
    • Francophone Games, Ottawa CAN 2001
    • NACAC, Texas USA 2002
    • World Youth Championships, Sherbrooke CAN 2003
    • World Cross-country Championships, Lausanne SUI 2003
    • World Championships for the Blind, Quebec CAN 2003
    • NACAC, Sherbrooke CAN 2004
    • World Student Games (FISU), Izmir TUR 2005
    • World ½ Marathon Championships, Edmonton CAN 2005
    • Francophone Games, Niamey NIG 2005
    • Pan-Am Games, Rio BRA 2007
    • Pan-Am Games Jr, Port of Spain T&T 2009
    • World Student Games (FISU), Shenzhen CHI 2011
  • Several training camps (New Mexico USA-2003, Hawaii-2004, Florida-2002-2003, Miami-2005)
  • Several Canadian and Quebec championships in athletics, road races and cross-country races.
  • Varied experiences in sports medicine complete his resumé:
    • 6 years with the Rouge et Or track and field team (Université Laval)
    • 3 years as a consultant with the EOS circus
    • 6 years as coordinating physiotherapist for the elite “Dynamo” football (soccer) clubs in the greater Quebec City area
    • 2 years with the football team « SJE »
    • 3 years with the Rouge et Or triathlon team (Université Laval)