Albert Carrère

Business Development - Spain Terrassa, Espagne

Motivated by the sports environment I chose physiotherapy as a professional career. After graduation in 2002, I became aware of how important is physiotherapy to take care of health. I could apply my skills very quickly throughout this very rewarding profession, each day, with a large number of patients who came to me to treat diverse type of injuries.

I continued my training and while acquiring new knowledge, I was able to improve my techniques. At that time, I had the opportunity to take the position of physiotherapist of a field hockey team competing at the first division of the Spanish league. I learned very quickly how to diagnose in a very accurate manner and how to optimize every treatment in a very short period of time.

In 2005 I started to teach as a professor about topics related to physiotherapy and health in general, another way of professional development. I currently share it with the practice of my profession.
In 2006 I was interest in work injuries and I completed my career with studies of prevention and safety at work for the following two years, which gave me a much more accurate vision in this area.

With the aim of establishing myself as a therapist and run my own business I decided to open AC physiotherapy, a clinic where I carry out my profession and where I apply the values I believe in, and the therapies I defend, taking care of the peculiarities of each patient.

Finally, and related to my usual practice of sport and being aware of the large number of runners and the great passion for racing that currently is taking place I have specialized in the prevention of running injuries and I work closely with clinics throughout the world (The Running Clinic ™), based in Canada, for both prevention and treatment of injuries that occur in this field.


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